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Why Investing in Sales Engagement Software is the Answer to Your Business Growth Questions

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Your sales reps are SUPER busy, and they need some help. 

At least, we assume that must be the case, considering the turnover rates in the field right now are extremely high. 

If only there was a way to help your reps: 

  1. Track customer data from initial interaction to close
  2. Nurture prospects using multi-channel outreach strategies
  3. Close deals with real-time data-driven customer details


Fun fact: there IS a way to help them with these things. How? Sales Engagement Software

“Most of the sales engagement tools in the market right now rely on cold outreach using canned, impersonal email templates and hoping someone will pick up a cold call and have the patience to listen to a random pitch. That’s just not working”, says Themos Pentakalos, CEO of Hyperio. “In today’s business climate, the sales rep’s best chance of success is to be armed with relevant, up-to-the-minute information about the prospect and what is currently happening in their company. That way, the sales conversation is never cold or impersonal.”

In this article, you’ll find the answer to the question of how to help your reps make sales wins (without losing money in the process) and more. 

What is sales engagement?

A sales engagement is defined as any time your prospect interacts with your brand or product (through email, social media, phone call, etc.). From the moment that you plan a product, you do it with customers in mind. 

You consider the market and identify something you believe people need, and you build your product around how to fill the gap you’ve identified in the market. Once you choose the product, you determine how to package it in a way that will appeal to the target customers that you had in mind. 

When you’ve got your packaging figured out – including your company’s brand and value proposition – you’re ready to send it out into the world for your customer’s consideration. This is your marketing strategy. 

If you have the right technology in place, the very first *click* on your product information will ring a little artificially intelligent alarm bell in your computer system, which will flag that click as a prospect. From there you need either the software, or the people-power, to stay connected to that prospect in order to nurture them toward a sale.

When you invest in Sales Engagement Software, you become immediately able to track each interaction that takes place between your product and your prospect (website chat bots, emails, social media, phone calls, etc).

Should I use sales engagement software?

That’s up to you, but it’s a huge benefit to your business if you do. 

From marketing, to nurturing, to close – you can use this software to track each customer’s interest level and use that artificial intelligence to gather information about how hot a prospect they are (as in, how serious their intent is to buy/how likely they are to convert) without expending valuable time-consuming people-hours. 


In fact, investing in the right software will both: 

  • Save you time and money by generating quick data
  • Make you more money by helping your sales reps close deals


The data generated by the software contains juicy real-time information about customers that your sales reps can use to send personalized messages to their leads. 

Forget having your reps use old sales scripts with no personalized content – get straight to the good stuff and embed those pitch notes with detail that will actually matter to the customer. 

How does sales engagement software work?

The majority of sales engagement platforms on the market today help automate and scale multichannel outreach. They provide a set sequence of contacts with a cadence to work, including some built-in personalization. 


Effective personalized outreach is all about being at the right place, at the right time with the right message – and that’s what good software is designed to do. 

At Hyperio, our software identifies which targets to work with and when to target them with real-time event-based marketing intelligence. By looking at the behavior of each target, our software determines where leads are in their journey, prioritizes when outreach should occur, and identifies highly relevant and personalized messages to deliver to them based on current events and their behavior.

This is a big deal when it comes to the time and effort your sales reps have to put into nurturing leads in order to close deals.

Hyperio’s software will leverage unstructured and structured data to bring exciting account prospects to the forefront of your sales team’s sequence and identify personalized contact insights to win the sale. 

You give your employees ergonomic chairs when they have back aches – why wouldn’t you give them highly intelligent professional software when to save them from the headache of going in blind calling cold leads? 

Imagine what the performance of your team will look like once you have a supercharged AI-platform powering your sales team! 

Actually… don’t JUST imagine it. We can help you put this into action. 

Start your free trial 

Book an appointment in our calendar and we’ll send you a personalized demo and get you set up with your free trial TODAY.


Don’t wait – AI-powered platforms with machine learning engines improve their performance based on data. The more data you have, the better predictive lead scoring works – and the more data points you’ll have.

Don’t wait to start growing today!


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