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Why A Multi-channel Outreach Is The Best Approach For B2B Lead Generation

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When it comes to B2B SaaS, most companies are no longer using a single-channel approach.

Still, multi-channel is relatively new to the B2B software space and if you’re putting effort into designing a multi-channel approach, you should be confident you’re doing it in a way that will maximize your lead generation efforts.

In this article we’ll talk about:

  1. What multichannel outreach is
  2. Why the stats show it’s the best method of outreach
  3. The best way to design a multi-channel marketing plan
  4. How to implement multi-channel outreach efficiently and effectively

If you want B2B software sales success, you need to think outside the sales box.

Having a multi-channel strategy will allow you to:

  1. Reach the widest range of potential converts as possible within a shorter period of time
  2. Help you see a quick return on your investment (ROI)
  3. Open the doors to new channels you may not have considered
  4. Increase your chances to engage prospects in various channels
  5. Stop relying on only one channel to deliver leads to your door

At Hyperio, we designed our outreach and sales engagement platform to support a well-researched, expertly developed multi-channel strategy that produces a mix of outbound tactics to drive saturation and get prospects into action. Plus, our platform automates the prospecting workflow so that your team can focus on the right multi-channel outreach tactics most likely to convert – but more on that later…

For now, we are going to give you some pro tips about why and how you should use multichannel outreach strategies in your own business.

What is Multichannel Outreach?

Put simply, it’s the strategic use of multiple marketing channels to generate interest and interaction from qualified prospects that are most likely to become conversions. It’s the way in which you get your company, your message, your product, out to your potential leads.

Multichannel outreach will allow you to:

  1. Reach leads and start engagement by teaching them what your company does
  2. Connect your leads to your company through your sales development reps (SDRs)
  3. Engage those leads into becoming converts

3 of the Best Outreach Methods To Combine in 2022

Here are three examples of 2021’s preferred multichannel outreach strategies, and the stats that support their effectiveness for companies looking to bring in big conversions.

Moving into 2022 these 3 tactics:

  • SEO,
  • Email Marketing, and
  • LinkedIn Outreach,

are poised to be the most impactful and influential outreach methods for B2B companies.

Strategy Stats Client Benefit
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads.

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.

Read more stats here.

SEO breaks down big topics into easy to access points that match up with what your leads are searching for.

As with any marketing tactic, your SEO plan should begin with a well crafted value proposition.

Email Marketing

92% of adults use email.

61% prefer to be reached that way.

99% of email users check their email up to 22 times per day.

Read more here.

People like to have control over when and how they engage with sales companies, and email allows them that freedom.

(It also gives you space to lay out your value proposition.

At Hyperio we use an intelligent workflow engine to optimize the cadence of our email outreach.

LinkedIn Marketing

In 2020 LinkedIn was rated the most trusted network with over 740 million active users.

It’s obvious why LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B marketers – LinkedIn’s lead conversion rate is 3X higher than any other major ad platform.

Read more here.

LinkedIn’s services are continuing to evolve as they add new features to their platform.

Make the most of your LinkedIn outreach by becoming familiar with all of its offerings to master LinkedIn marketing.

Where should your outreach investments be focused?

It’s not just about generating leads, it’s about converting those leads to sales. This means you have to follow the stats to reach prospects that are qualified.

Know your target audience and focus your multichannel efforts into the areas they tend to spend a lot of time. If you haven’t already, create an ideal customer profile, or consider working with an expert lead generation company that can help create one for you.

For example, we know that you can reach just about anyone on Google. Almost 50% of people say they use Google to research a product before buying it.

The stats also tell us that you can reach people through various social media platforms. Data from 2020 shows that at least 42% of people continue to use social media channels for product research.

These numbers are likely to grow as the younger generations who are connected to social media make their way up the workforce ladder. Many adults under the age of 25 are already using social media instead of Google to do their research. And remember, many Millennials are now in leadership positions such as Director of Sales and even VP of Sales.

Generate new strategies for the new generations. Follow trends and keep connected.

How do you engage leads through multichannel outreach?

Ok so you know where to find your prospects online, but how do you engage them? This begins with your sales plan.

What is your value proposition?

Less than 70% of B2B companies have a clearly defined value proposition, and 54% of those do nothing to optimize them.

What does that mean? It means that your business has a purpose, a value that will address a specific pain point or need in your target sales market. If you can pinpoint what that value is and embed it into your brand, you automatically start attracting the right customers to the right product.

If your product is unclear, you’ll draw in the wrong crowd and you’re going to be spinning your wheels and wasting time and money on prospects that were never going to convert in the first place.

Start small and grow from there

If you’re a startup or you’re just looking to expand in new markets, it’s important not to stretch yourself too far. It takes time to perfect these strategies. You may have a team of SDRs ready to try out a new multichannel approach, but don’t push them in too many directions at once.

Start with two or three channels at first to master your output. Work out your company’s values and your customers’ pain points, and then target those in your personalized messages to your leads and prospects. Play by the rules of the game for each channel – don’t send the same message with the same delivery across each channel.

Get feedback, track your success, and then adapt. Trial and error can be stressful when you need to see a particular ROI in order to continue growing your business, but it’s important to make adjustments to your strategies as you go.

We get it – this stuff is hard.

There is a lot to think about when you’re running a business, which is why we’re here to help you and this is why we custom-designed a hyper-intelligent outreach and sales engagement platform to help you meet your target B2B buyers where they are – online – and have the right technology with the right insights to accelerate the performance of your entire sales operation.

Reach out today if you want to chat or get connected with our team. We’re happy to talk or give you a customized demo and unlock your risk-free 30-day FREE trial. Just book a time that’s convenient for you right in our calendar!

Know a company struggling to maximize their multi-channel outreach strategy? Share this blog with them.

Don’t wait to start growing today!


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