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Top 5 Winning B2B Sales Strategies

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b2b sales strategies

B2B sales have become extremely challenging nowadays. It used to be a stroll in the park for any sales representative who always has the upper hand to close deals with buyers. Unfortunately, the financial crunch that has changed the global economic landscape has changed the way buyers decide. What adds to that is the availability of online information that has educated buyers with options available in the market. They are now well-trained in how to work well and see-through salespeople. Whether you are a start-up or established company, you need to understand the challenges that confront the dynamics of B2B sales at present.

Here are five B2B winning sales strategies that might give your business an edge over others.

 Strategy 1: Your Buyer’s Content Library 

With internet-connected technological gadgets, access to product information has become more convenient and faster for any buyer out there. Contents such as case studies, blog posts, brochures, testimonials, E-books, and landing pages are great sales and marketing collaterals that could boost your online presence and draw your prospective buyers in. They may not be able to decide immediately, but that content library you have provided for them would be a vital factor in giving them a reason why your product or service matters a lot. You call that CREDIBILITY.

Strategy 2: Salespeople as Your Brand Spokespersons

Salespeople or representatives hold a special place, especially in boosting your company’s online presence. Instead of just selling your product or service to your prospects, they can be your brand ambassadors and lead gen specialists, who can provide your prospects with relevant insights into their pain points. They can do this by creating and sharing articles posted on your blog site or engaging and thought-provoking messages on your company’s social media accounts. Such a move can lead your buyers to progress in their buying journey with product or service information from individuals who can attest to your brand’s QUALITY.

Strategy 3: Negotiate with Choices

Buyers need options as far as price choices are concerned. In this case, offer them 2 to 3 different price choices that come with different values. This provides your buyers with different scenarios to help them resolve their pain points based on two areas that they have to consider: better product or better cost. This would be an avenue for you to continue the sales dialogue until the buyer has decided. Most importantly, you’re not limiting your opportunities to explain further what is best for your buyer, which can help establish RAPPORT with them.

Strategy 4: Relate with Care

For sure, your buyer would always see you and other product or service providers to be not perfect. It would help if you let them see in you what they cannot find in your competitors because you don’t only settle with their purchase of your offering, but you also plan to stick to them and see what other challenges they would be facing after their purchase. This means you’re ready to offer them SOLUTIONS that would resolve their pain points and be there every step of the way in knowing their concerns. 

Strategy 5: Go to the KDMs (Key Decision-Makers) Right Away

Don’t waste your time on the wrong people in the sales process, especially those who would drag the buying process time for you and your client. Although you cannot avoid passing by individuals such as front-line managers when making the first call, you must maintain courtesy and politeness when asking for information about the company’s right KDMs. Ask to arrange for a meeting or a call with them or their email address to begin your sales dialogue or add them to your social accounts such as LinkedIn. Just as long as you maintain good manners when asking around for the right people, you’d be in the right DIRECTION in speeding up your chances to get to the right prospects.

Since B2B sales would pose certain hurdles for you in making every instance of it successful, never lose sight of these sales strategies. Explore them and figure out which one works for you and helps you accomplish your business sales objectives. Most importantly, pivot your sales process around the needs and concerns of your client. At Hyperio.ai, our methodology is based on deep best practices derived from selling into the B2B and Technology services space across many companies. Learn more about how our smart service and technology could help you and your business go to www.hyperio.ai.

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