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Top 10 B2B Sales Lead Strategies That Convert

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The top 10 tips that will guide you while you’re planning your approach to lead conversions 


1. Generate relationships, not just sales

First, and most importantly, you need to see yourself as more than just a B2B SaaS sales machine. Instead of summing everything up as business to business, think person to person

When your leads are interested in buying, it means that they’re looking for a long-term solution to a situation they’ve identified internally. They have a hole in their business, and you need to fill it. With your product, that is. 

To do that, you need to identify your leads’ pain points and figure out how to soothe them with your product in a way that makes it feel personal, like you’re offering them a solution to a problem that you understand on a person-to-person level. 

“As a professional marketer I can’t underscore this enough – it’s people that we are always ultimately forming relationships with – not businesses. If you ask most businesses, they would agree that long-term relationships are vital to their business success, yet not many truly invest in these relationships. At Hyperio we always put the relationship we have with our partners first – not the sale.”
Delma Lara, Marketing Director, Hyperio. 


2. Be personal and targeted in your outreach 

In a world full of division, the one thing almost all of us can agree on is that we do not like telemarketers or telephone robots. 

When you pick up the phone in your personal life and someone immediately launches into what they’re selling and why you need it, your first response is probably to hang up. Don’t feel guilty, we’ve all been there. 

This is important to remember when your sales development representatives (SDRs) are making their calls. You want to talk to your leads about what they’re dealing with, relate to them, and if they identify a problem, gently guide them to your product as the solution.

Personalize your business so that it’s not only trustworthy, but likeable. This will make people want to refer you to their colleagues, which is going to have a great impact on your return on investment (ROI).


3. Use data from your past leads to bring in new ones

Your existing customers are a source of data for you to tap for your next lead generation strategy. 

Firmographic data (or firm demographic data) is the tracking of various characteristics that identify groups of prospect organizations for your B2B company to keep track of. This will help you invest in leads that are already flagged by data that suggests they’ll be more likely to qualify and become converts down the road.

Track your leads’ demographics, track geography, track pain points that your converts have in common, track when big software purchases are made. These stats are going to save you time and money by bringing in authentic leads instead of a bunch of maybes that lead nowhere. At Hyperio, we use digital tracking and marketing tools to generate more impressions in a short period of time and we use insights from these in our sales strategies. 


4. Appeal to your leads as people   

Swag bags at conferences are a huge hit for a reason. People like feeling like they’re paying for one thing, and getting a bunch of extra stuff tossed in. This strategy is known as “surprise and delight” marketing.  

If you take the time to build relationships and learn your prospects’ pain points, you can bundle the incentives that your company has to offer and promote a value-pack that feels personal to the leads’ needs. You want to present your products and services like the gift basket everyone wants to win at the raffle – throw in as much extra as you have to give. 


5. Keep up to date on tech trends

It’s important for the growth of your company to keep tabs on what’s going on in the world, and figure out clever ways to use new tech trends to your advantage in marketing and engagement. Sales companies that leverage themselves effectively on social media are more likely to make successful sales conversions

There are simple ways to be creative. Have you considered using email as a way to kick off your sales relationship with new leads? Not only does it give you a chance to lay out all you have to offer, it builds trust between your sales team and their prospects because it gives the lead control over when and how they get back to you. 

Right now, people are trending toward video chats for meetings and webinars as a form of information gathering. Keep up with those interests to stay relevant. 


6. Don’t give up on follow-ups

We’ve already talked about telemarketers, and we know that people are screening their phone calls and ignoring their emails.

Stats show that sales reps who don’t give up after the first follow-up call or email are way more likely to make sales than those who do. It’s hard to have patience in the world of sales, but it’s kind of a virtue – and a huge value to your company in the long-run when it comes to ROIs.  Check out these stats to learn more.


7. Make yourself interesting by making interesting content

When people make purchases, they do research before they buy. Keep this in mind as you develop informational content. Make your content user friendly and have fun with it. Think about your own browsing habits. What do we like to see? Easy-to-read stories or short well-done videos that tell you what you need to know, in an interesting way, in as few minutes as possible. 

Match your content to meet those demands. Find out what your leads want from you and make that information easy for them to find so that they know what you’re offering before they’ve even met you.


8. Target your outreach methods to the right audience

At Hyperio, we use multi-channel marketing to reach leads on a variety of mediums. This strategy allows us to reach a wider range of customers, and it also gives our customers the chance to engage with us and make conversions on whichever medium they feel most comfortable with. 

Identifying the strength of a prospect is key to spending the right amount of time and effort to have the most successful sales cycle. Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) are crucial and establish the direction and tone of our campaigns so we can focus and maximize our efforts on the right audience.


9. When you’re buying leads, invest in the right ones

Is it more important that you have 10 pre-qualified but expensive leads, or 100 really cheap ones? You might think that it’s worth buying cheap because you think all 100 will convert to sales, but that is probably not going to be the case.

Focus your investment on leads that have already been qualified for you. You probably have software that helps you generate qualified leads (or maybe not?). Investing in software that will help you prospect for highly qualified leads is a great strategic way to bring in new converts. 


10. Hire the right team

When you’re working on a startup or scaleup you want to hire the right people to develop your sales leads for you. You want SDRs who are friendly and personable and also qualified and experienced. 

There are a few different ways that you can generate the absolute best sales team that’s going to start beefing up your ROIs: 

→ You could hire an in-house team of SDRs – although we know this can be both expensive and risky given recent turnover rates in sales teams.

→ You could outsource your SDR team from a company who are already experts in your field.

→ You could augment a pre-existing in-house team with immediate expertise at low cost. Check out our strategies to balance a mixed team here.

The bottom line is that you need a sales team who already knows or can quickly learn the best practices for strategies that are going to turn prospects into converts. 

At Hyperio, we know when to make sales calls, what day is the best day to send emails, in what order you should make your connections with leads, how to get around gate keepers, and the best and most effective ways to bring leads up the pipeline to your staff waiting to close your sales.


Are you ready to start converting leads to sales and watch those ROIs shoot through your sales tracking roof? Well, we’re ready to help you. Chat with our team today.

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