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About - SuiteFiles

Power your business with SuiteFiles – easy cloud document management software designed for small-medium businesses. 

SuiteFiles is one integrated cloud system built to help businesses securely manage their files, emails, templates and more. Connected to the tools that matter to organisations, like Microsoft Office and Xero accounting software, SuiteFiles lets you work seamlessly with your files and client data.

Used by businesses around the world, SuiteFiles empowers teams to work how they want, where they want, when they want.

No pain, no headaches – just great cloud file management to make your business hum.

“SuiteFiles is far superior to anything else I’ve been trialling. Well and truly goes beyond Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and the likes” – Joel Wegener, SMSF Taxation Services.

Website: www.suitefiles.com

Audience Persona


B2B Software company making document management software for accounting firms.

Value Proposition

Store and share documents securely while saving time; integrate seamlessly with your accounting software.


Accounting firms

Buyer Persona

Managing Director, CEO, Founder, Head Accountant

Target Geography

US, Canada, UK

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