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About - Sparo

Sparo Corporation was founded in 2014 to tap into the $4 trillion global online commerce market by offering its patented platforms that marry e-commerce and charitable giving.

Evolving from its original checkout plugin for enterprise e-commerce users (such as Staples) to a charitable giving platform that allows not-for-profits to engage, “gamify” and increase per user donation. Sparo’s goal is to allow the smaller charities and causes the same access and visibility as the larger not-for-profits. This is especially true given that the top twelve (12) percent of charities in the U.S. take in 86% of all dollars donated. Sparo’s platform goal is to democratize charitable giving to allow those charities and causes with limited financial and human capital resources access to a wider pool of donors.

Website: www.sparo.com

Audience Persona


B2B Software company that sells software for Fire Departments. 

Value Proposition

Improve incident outcomes and minimize harm.


All fire departments.

Buyer Persona

Fire Chief, IT leader, Incident Manager

Target Geography

US, Canada


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