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Sales Outsourcing for B2B Software Companies

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B2B Software Sales Outsourcing

The Pros and Cons of an Outsourced Sales Team

So you’re considering outsourcing your sales needs, or you’re at least curious to learn more about the different approaches to sales outsourcing. 

Well — you’ve come to the right place. 

When it comes to outsourcing B2B software SDRs, you have a variety of talent pools to consider. From local companies to state-wide, national, or even international players, you can have your pick depending on preferences like language, time zone, cost and other considerations.

In this article, we’ll break down the following:

  • The different sales outsourcing options 
  • The pros and cons to each outsourcing approach 
  • How to choose the best option for your company
  • Next steps to begin outsourcing

Let’s dive in!

The different sales outsourcing options

What are your options when it comes to outsourcing sales, and why choose one over the other?

Talent pools can be described in one of three terms:

  1. Offshore – Outsourcing “offshore” means the company you’re hiring is an international company, likely an ocean away. Typically, offshore outsourcing for technology companies goes to India, China, and Ukraine.
  2. Onshore – Outsourcing “onshore” means you’re hiring a company that is in the U.S., perhaps even in the same city or state as you.
  3. Nearshore – Outsourcing “nearshore” means you’re choosing to work with a company that borders the U.S., such as Mexico, or others with negligible time zone differences, like Peru or Colombia – two of the newest nearshore hotspots.

What are the pros and cons of different sales outsourcing approaches?

Why choose one outsourcing option over the other?

There are pros and cons to consider for each outsourcing approach.d


  • Working in their local currency can keep labor costs down
  • Large talent pool to choose from
  • Can leverage companies with international expertise and a wider variety of clients serviced
    (e.g., India has extensive IT expertise, and the Philippines sets very high customer service standards.)
  •  Different expertise in different countries


  • May be in different time zones, making meetings more difficult
  • Distance may cause barriers to in-person meetings
  • Smallest talent pool to choose from
  •  Accommodating cultural differences, such as office closure due to holidays
  • Likely live in same or similar time zone, making meetings easier
  • Cultural similarities, ability to build rapport over small talk
  • Greater ease to meet in-person
  • Is 30-50% more expensive than outsourcing to companies in other countries
  • Companies may have less breadth of expertise than international options
  • Smallest talent pool to choose from
  • Typically filled by “just out of college” recruits who have limited experience


  • May have access to a less expensive labour source
  • Widens your talent pool beyond immediate options
  • Likely in the same or similar time zones, enabling meetings
  • Language differences may be minimal
    (many agents travel back and forth between nearshore locations)
  • Multiple languages to serve diverse client base


  • Foreign compliance and regulatory barriers
  • Likely more expensive than offshore options

How to choose the best option for my B2B software company

What is the best approach for your B2B software company?

The beauty of software sales is that the work can be done remotely with great success, and that there is no requirement for an in-house team as long as you’re working with an experienced and qualified vendor. 

That being said, you do have to weigh the pros and cons of each type of vendor (offshore/onshore/nearshore) to know which is the right fit for your organization. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding which type of SDR outsourcing team you’re looking for:

  •     How flexible is your day and meeting schedule? 

If you’re willing to meet around the clock, time zones are not a barrier to your team’s options. However, if you prefer to meet during a typical workday, you may not want to hire a vendor in a time zone that is completely different (say more than 5 hours ahead or behind). 

  •     What is your comfort working in other languages?

If you or a member of your team are fluent in more than one language, nearshore or offshore resourcing may be a more attractive option. Another option would be to work with interpreters and/or translators. 

  •     Do you find you do best with vendors who share a similar company culture? 

If you feel sales performance has been tied to shared culture and experiences, you may find onshore or nearshore vendors the best fit for your business.

  •     How much time and oversight do you want to commit to training?

An external SDR team is an investment, so having a team that can be brought up to speed quickly and get the ball rolling on business development is important. If you can find a vendor with the right mix of experience and accessibility, whether it’s for remote or in-person meetings, this will help get you on your way quickly.

  •     Do you want the option to meet in person, and how frequently?

The nearer to your location your vendor is, the easier it will be to facilitate in-person meetings on a more regular basis. 

  •     What is your budget, and what are your required deliverables?

Around 70% of businesses surveyed by Deloitte suggest outsourcing is most often used as a cost-cutting tool[1]. If you have a low budget but need a lot of work done quickly, it may be best to do a vendor search that goes beyond your immediate and even nearby regions. Remember, outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. In fact, with our team it means the opposite — we’ll deliver even more high-quality leads to your door. 

  •     How much expertise do regional vendors offer?

If you’re looking for significant deliverables but aren’t sure about the qualifications of local vendors, you can widen your talent pool by seeking offshore and nearshore suppliers. Our team of software selling experts have years of experience and are exclusively dedicated to your account to meet your KPIs daily. 

  •     What level of talent are you looking for?

While it’s tempting to fill a sales role with a recruit right out of college – we can tell you that a great sales development rep is a lot better than a good sales development rep. Often partnering with a company that specializes in building and training sales teams will provide you access to top talent who will hit or surpass your benchmarks.

Hyperio Sales Outsourcing for B2B Software Companies

How to start outsourcing sales today – next steps

Where do I go from here?

According to Deloitte, many companies now have a flexible service model with a combination of different vendors (onshore, offshore and/or nearshore), described as “multi-sourced” vendors. This means you don’t have to settle if you’re looking to broaden your retinue of outsourcing partners.

As you begin your journey to outsource sales development for your B2B software company, the top vendor management lessons learned in 2020 include: 

  • Spend more time in the vendor selection process – even if you need to get to work quickly, ensuring you have the right vendor for your situation may mean taking a bit longer to select and onboard your supplier.
  • Improve change management – clear communication with your internal team may help mitigate or reduce negative responses from your employees.
  • Have shorter and more flexible contracts – the B2B software industry is changing quickly. Agile suppliers must understand that the services they provide are a commodity and that companies are likely not as interested in long-term vendor relationships as they once were.

Are you considering outsourcing?

At Hyperio.ai our software sales professionals will deliver the Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) you need to grow your business. We’re based in beautiful, southern Florida and we specialize in effectively and efficiently scaling your business. We have very high standards when it comes to B2B lead generation talent and command of the English language. We work closely with our partners to ensure we have lined up the right combination of talent for their sales campaigns. 

Schedule a meeting with our sale team today and see how we can help you get qualified sales leads.

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