Based on Business Development practices

Comprehensive Strategy

Our methodology is based on best practices derived from more than 35 years of
B2B software selling expertise. Our workflows are constantly optimized based on
data and insights to create smart campaigns that incorporate the following:


Clearly define your target population.


Use messaging that resonates with your audience.


Schedule outreach at the most opportune time and frequency for the particular persona and buyer attributes.


Select the most appropriate  communication means (e.g., phone, email, social) based on your buyer personas.

Hyperio Our Approach

In-Depth Onboarding

Deep analysis of your market, customer profiles, competition and existing Sales and Marketing practices.

Hyperio Our Approach

Dedicated Rep Model

Our software selling experts, also known as Sales Development Reps (SDRs), have years of experience and are trained in Hyperio.ai methodology and technology. They are exclusively dedicated to your account to meet KPIs daily

Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach

Target your outreach to the right audience

Ideal Customer Profile

Identifying the strength of a prospect is key to spending the right amount of time and effort to have the most successful sales cycle.

Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) are crucial and establish the direction and tone of our campaigns so we can focus and maximize our efforts on the right audience.

We take a deep dive and analyze your market, existing client base, characteristics of your ideal customer and buyer personas to refine, tailor and target all outbound activities.

Hyperio Our Approach

Define your brand, product and service

Value Proposition And Key Features

Less than 70% of B2B companies have clearly defined value propositions – 54% of those do nothing to optimize them.

Your prospects buy when their needs are met by the value your products and services provide to them.

A strong value proposition drives conversion. This is not a slogan or a general positioning statement. Your value proposition must:

Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach

Squash the Competition

Competitive Battle Cards

Our software sales professionals are trained on how to position your software against your competition.

We work with you to identify your key competitors and script out effective countering strategies. What competitors do you often lose deals to? Win against? What are the feature gaps across the competitive landscape?

At Hyperio.ai we help you document and spotlight features that need to be emphasized. Our experts script out appropriate responses and pivot appropriately and decisively to give you the leading edge.

Keep the Conversation Going

Objection Handling Scripts

Pivoting to keep a conversation going when faced with adversity is a skill that is studied, rehearsed and perfected. Our professional software selling experts complete rigorous training on how to maneuver around objections during a conversation.

Objections might be tied to pricing, perceived value, timing, competition, or budgets – we document all ahead of time and train our experts to respond dynamically and without hesitation.

Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach

Intelligent Workflow Engine

Outreach Workflow

Some companies set their cadence once and never revisit, while others evaluate it every so often. With the use of workflow automation technology, we constantly evaluate what content performs best, optimal sequence and timing, and which outreach method works for specific situations.

The end result is an optimized outreach that is constantly learning and adjusting to multiple data points.

Our Secret Sauce

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our proprietary Sales Enablement Platform (SEP) leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) at several points of the sales funnel and drives the following:

This technology, coupled with our software selling expertise, gives us the edge over our competition.

Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach
Hyperio Our Approach

Measure. Analyze. Repeat.

Comprehensive Metrics

Metrics drive our business.

Enrich your marketing and sales activities with what we learn through our outreach.

Contact an Expert

Our software sales professionals will deliver the Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) you need to grow your business.

Hyperio Our Approach