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About - OpsCentral

We are a part of the Bridgewest Portfolio Company. OpsCentral evolved from one of Bridgewest’s subsidiaries formerly known as Provoke Solutions that worked with Fire and Emergency New Zealand. 

We carry with us our precursor’s expertise and heart for creating solutions that serve the fire services industry and are founded on the wealth of their in-depth understanding of the works and challenges firefighters face. This helped us build a stronger, more efficient, and advanced platform that caters to various incident types using AI technology.

We have expanded our partnerships, research, and global reach, spanning 4 continents in order to develop and provide a tool for crucial situational awareness to firefighters through an easy-to-use information hub dashboard. A product whose primary aim is to reduce the risks they face and help them make decisions based on factual data and contextual analysis before, during, and after incident response. 

We innovate to enable, empower, and support our heroes as they go about their work of saving lives and properties.

Website: https://opscentral.global/

Audience Persona


B2B Software company that sells software for Fire Departments. 

Value Proposition

Improve incident outcomes and minimize harm.


All fire departments.

Buyer Persona

Fire Chief, IT leader, Incident Manager

Target Geography

US, Canada


Hyperio OpsCentral

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