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List Building Services

Our internal proprietary technology and our knowledgeable research team combine external data sources to identify the right target audience for outreach.

We work with you to understand the market, triangulate your ideal customer profile, and create personalized campaigns for specific buyer personas. More research up-front allows us to spend more time with the best prospects.

  • Obtain multichannel marketing campaigns that are supported with targeted data.
  • Achieve outstanding return on investment.
  • Get refined and qualified leads for more productive output.

Business Development Outreach

Our multi-step process starts with your strategy and desired objectives. Whether you are looking to penetrate a new market, expand your share of the market, or target white space growth, we will build an outbound campaign that best fits your needs. Our team members are not only trained purposely to know your products and services, but also in understanding what your competition is doing and how to best position you for conversion.
  • Get a better idea of who your target
    audience is.
  • Create value beyond what you sell.
  • Increases brand awareness.
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Get access to outstanding lead generation methodologies.

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Comprehensive Strategy

Our methodology is based deeply on best practices derived from selling into the B2B and Technology services space across many companies. Plus, our workflow is constantly optimized based on data and insights. We create smart campaigns that can enrich your company

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Ideal Customer Profile

We start with the total market, and hone in on your target market. We analyze your existing client base and identify the characteristics of your ideal customer (e.g., high ARR, demographics, etc.) Next, we identify the key personas (e.g., champion, decision maker, influencer, blocker).

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Value Proposition
and Key Features

Less than 70% of B2B companies have a clearly-defined value proposition. Your prospects buy when their needs are met by the value your products and services provide to them. We can help you clearly define your brand, product, and service value proposition.

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Competitive Battle Cards

Hyperio works with you to identify your key competitors and to script out specific countering strategies. What competitors do you often lose deals to? What competitors do you frequently win against? What are the feature gaps across the competitive landscape?

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Outreach Workflow

Our intelligent workflow engine constantly evaluates and adjusts the outreach strategy. Through the use of workflow automation technology, is constantly evaluating what content performs best, what sequence and timing is optimal, and what outreach method works for different situations.

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Objection Handling Scripts

We work with our customers to script out how to best handle objections during a conversation. We make sure that all key objections are documented ahead of time and our agents are properly trained to respond dynamically and without hesitation.

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Advanced Technology

We are actively developing a proprietary Sales Enablement Platform (SEP) that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI). The “.ai” in our name reflects our secret sauce. Hyperio decided to invest in creating a personalized and proprietary platform, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) at several points of the Sales funnel.

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Comprehensive Metrics

Everything in our business is driven by metrics. We share all pertinent metrics with you. This includes call-based metrics, content efficacy metrics, persona-specific behaviors and insights, measurable strategic insights, and conversion insights. What we learn through our outreach can further enrich your internal Marketing and Sales activities.

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