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Creating Calls-to-Action that generate tons of leads

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As a marketer or a future one, you probably heard about the term call-to-action. Maybe it gets you more often, given that the call-to-action revolves much around the marketing environment. But what is exactly a call to action?  Also, why is it important for lead generation? Let’s take a quick refresher on how the call to action impacts generating tons of leads.

What is a call to action?

A call to action or also to as CTA is a marketing strategy used by businesses to direct targeted traffic through a sales funnel. A CTA comes in different forms. It could be through a form of a banner, hyperlink button, or graphic or text, which is placed at the end of a landing page, sales pitch, or any other type of marketing content. 

How to create Calls-to-Action that generate tons of leads

Effective call-to-action boosts a chance to motivate your audience to take real steps toward becoming a client. However, upon incorporating CTAs into your marketing strategy, you still need to make sure that your calls-to-action are relevant to where your visitors are in their journey. Here are a few take points on how you can start utilizing CTAs with a bang:

  1. Take note that CTAs are only one part of the equation.

Here’s the real deal. Utilizing CTAs doesn’t guarantee that you can target your potential clients immediately. Take note that there’s still a big difference between a scroll-by from a click-through customer; hence, not every visitor responds to every CTAs that you would incorporate. 

  1. Study your potential visitors.

As mentioned in the previous tip, your visitors could vary as a scroll-by or click-through visitor. This means that before incorporating CTAs, you need to go back to the basics of understanding your potential visitors. Know that your purpose is to encourage visitors, leads, and customers to take action on your website. Start it by understanding your buyers’ needs, questions, and problems, and from there, it enables you to develop the right CTA to use in terms of tone and approach. 

  1. Study what type of call to action to use.

Given the fact that there are also many types of visitors, CTAs also vary to appeal to each audience. There are different types of call-to-action that you can use. You can choose to have a Form Submission CTA if you want to gather information from your site visitors to build your contact list, Product or Service Introduction CTA for your product or services’ info, or Event Promotions CTA to promote a particular event.

  1. Lead your visitors by crafting a strong call to action.

Utilizing the best CTA targeted at the right visitors is, undoubtedly, the most effective way to boost your conversion. But before anything else, take note that for CTAs, the offer doesn’t matter. What matters the most is how you communicate its value to your targeted market. You need to lead your visitors’ attention by utilizing the best call-to-action phrases. As much as possible, keep it short, concise,  and creative, and avoid a hard-sell tone.  

  1. Place your CTAs on the perfect spot. 

Whether you intend to use CTAs for landing pages, blogs, or home pages, proper placement is also the thing that you need to consider. Choose a proper placement wherein your CTAs are easy to find. As much as possible, don’t make your potential visitors have a hard time looking for your learn more CTA, contact CTA, or social media CTA. For blog posts or service pages, you can place your primary CTA in the sidebar or use it as an anchor text CTA. 

Call-to-actions are indeed one of the best ways for you to boost and generate more leads. However, you also need to consider that CTAs also require proper planning and execution. With all these tips, for sure, you can now begin integrating CTAs in your future marketing efforts. 

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