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3 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation

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artificial intelligence for lead generation

Artificial Intelligence for lead generation is here to stay and is revolutionizing the marketing and sales processes that we know and have practiced over the years. In a published report by Demandbase, it says that 80% of the respondents have expected AI to change the dynamics of marketing.

Unsurprisingly, B2B and B2C businesses are currently adopting AI-based marketing solutions such as lead generation platforms and intelligent chatbots to gain access to the most recent market intelligence, quickly connect with interested prospects and execute a high degree of personalization in their communications. 

Here’s more of what AI lead generation can do to help your business especially in terms of boosting customer service performance: 

  1. Reduces Repetitive Tasks

Studies indicate that the usage of bots will enable businesses to save up to $8 billion dollars annually by the year 2022. In the field of sales and marketing, chatbots can be employed to minimize the burden of customer service personnel through automated query resolution, throughout the day’s working hours. 

IBM also said bots can diminish the cost of customer support by 30% and can pretty much take care of 80% of customer inquiries on their own. Conversational chatbots likewise have the capability of learning from each new interaction for continuous improvement of performance. Here are some of the wonders chatbots can do for your business:

  • As they are not human, chatbots can attend to a number of queries simultaneously without getting tired at all. Intelligent chatbots make use of NLP to cater to queries contextually by directing prospects to the FAQ section. If the need arises, they can also connect inquiring users to human agents. 
  • Chatbots are useful in lead prospecting. They can ask a set of pre-programmed questions and from there, a chatbox can already identify if. whether or not, a prospect has an interest in your product or service prior to directing them to a sales agent.
  • Chatbots can initiate a conversation with prospects to guide them as they navigate through your website or suggest content, products, and services based on their history.
  • Chatbots can stop users from leaving your website through feedback requests or if the situation already calls for it, distribution of discount coupons. 
  • Chatbots can enhance your CRM and consolidate customer inquiry solutions via correct record keeping and regular updates. 
  • Chatbots are good at analyzing customer data to have actionable insights that can be employed as a basis for the personalization of customer experience.
  1. Takes Personalization into a Higher Degree

According to an SAP survey, 47% of respondents said that they would opt for another brand should they be the recipient of poor customer service. It is a good thing that with AI lead generation, you can take measures in avoiding this from happening. How? It can track the journey of your customers as they browse through your website and obtain essential behavior insights in the process. 

You can employ live chat and chatbots to gather these data and improve engagement with visitors. This means that aside from greeting visitors with their first names or greeting them during their natal days, you can likewise make use of their browsing and order history to recommend a product, service, or content that they may find interesting. 

  1. Gives Accurate Segmentation

For any marketing campaign to succeed, it is important to have accurate segmentation of leads, which is the process of dividing an audience into groups according to demographics, behavior, and interaction so that messages can be targeted to a group with the same needs or interests. 

With AI  lead generation, buyers can be segmented based on repeat patterns and behavior so that highly personalized marketing campaigns can be executed. For instance, you can create a marketing campaign targeting single women, ages 40-45, who owns a pet dog and are employed in a specific industry. Your leads can be segmented according to the type of content they browsed or links they clicked on your website so that you can suggest the content of the same type to them. 

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