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3 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence for Lead Generation

Artificial Intelligence for lead generation is here to stay and is revolutionizing the marketing and sales processes that we know and have practiced over the years. In a published report by Demandbase, it says that 80% of the respondents have expected AI to change the dynamics of marketing.

Benefits of Using AI for B2B Lead Generation

While the past two years have seen exploration and hype over the emergence of AI and machine learning technologies, the years ahead will definitely be times of their implementation.
artificial intelligence

What is the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, and Why Does it Matter to Your Business?

Our era in world history had us witnessing three industrial revolutions, which to enumerate in chronological order are Water Power, Electricity, and Computing. With the current digital age, we are also in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution: the emergence of artificial intelligence and big data.


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Top 5 Tools to Generate Leads

What are some of the tools on how to generate leads? Here are five of the best apps that we have gathered based on reliable reviews. You can use them alone or integrate them with your other apps in sales and marketing.
Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation

Leads, leads, leads. We all heard about this multiple times, and we all agree that it is the primary reason for countless head-scratching moments for us as B2B marketers
lead generation services

Types of Lead Generation Services and Why You Need Them

In whatever or wherever you read about ways to improve your sales, you would always come across the importance of lead generation.
lead generation

Why is lead generation important for your business?

As a businessman, an ideal shopping scenario for you would be having a customer show interest in your offered product or service so that….

Creating Calls-to-Action that generate tons of leads

As a marketer or a future one, you probably heard about the term call-to-action. Maybe it gets you more often, given that the call-to-action revolves much…

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