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AI in Action: From Intelligent Insights to Implemented Workflows

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be the best tool to equip a serious sales team in the age of digital marketing. In the world of sales, AI is a mix of forecaster and data analyst, record-keeper and sales ally. 

In this article, we will break down the specific functions of AI when it comes to your insights and workflows, and the benefits of AI for any company – including yours. 

By the bottom of this page you will have learned: 

  • How AI forms intelligent insights that help your business
  • How AI implements strategic workflows 
  • Why sales engagement is such a high priority 

Buckle up – we’re diving in.

“The generally accepted way to manage a Sales development team is to have the team supervisor monitor performance on a daily basis. They should also be screening a couple of calls per rep per week. Then, the supervisor should be assessing the contact strategy, the content strategy, and the individual team performances and readjusting the workflow accordingly. In the best case scenario, a capable and experienced supervisor can adjust content, workflow and outreach strategies once a month. But things are moving way too fast these days. That’s where technology needs to play a role. It’s important to leave the conversation to humans so they can build trust and have a fulfilling conversation with a prospect. But the tasking, prioritization, and readjustment of content and workflow is best left to the technology. The proper workflow intelligence engine can keep track of dozens of variables around what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments behind the scenes.” – Themos Pentakalos, CEO, Hyperio


How AI forms intelligent insights and performs prospecting

One of the biggest mistakes in the sales industry today is that sales reps more often than not target the wrong leads. 

Not every lead is qualified for your company or your product, but the way things work right now, your sales team may not know that until AFTER they’ve expended time and energy on direct outreach with leads that were never going to convert. 

There is an easy solution to that problem, and it’s AI.

Think about the opportunities for your sales team if you knew: 

  • WHERE each lead is in their buyer journey
  • WHEN the ideal time is to work each lead 
  • WHICH personalized message to deliver to each lead
  • WHAT platform to deliver it on to get the best results

An intelligent AI sales engagement software is designed to keep track of these super important details to help your sales reps make the right choices when it comes to where they put their time and energy. 

With the right AI software you can automatically identify which targets are sales ready based on intent driven marketing, buyer signals and event based marketing insights (like industry news, LinkedIn activity, email opens, link clicks, etc). 

From there, it will be easier for your sales team to categorize targets based on their buyer signals, intent and sales-readiness. 

Your reps can focus their personalized outreach tactics on the hottest leads, while using automated cadences to nurture and drive sales readiness with your other prospects. 


How AI implements strategic workflows 

Your sales cadences are the type (calls or texts, emails, blogs) and timing (how often, at what times of day) of your outreach marketing strategies. 

With the use of workflow automation technology, trends and stats are constantly evaluated to determine: 

  • What content performs best, 
  • Optimal sequence and timing,
  • Which outreach method works best for specific situations.

The end result is an optimized outreach that is constantly learning and adjusting to multiple data points.

If you want your content to have the desired impact of generating sales, your content tone and timing are hugely important. 

Our AI sales engagement software was developed by sales professionals FOR sales professionals –  which means we’ve designed it with your team in mind. 

Your team can easily generate a custom playbook and outreach cadence for your hottest leads using the right messaging at the right time on the right platform to convert your leads into sales.


Is sales engagement the best investment for my company?

In 2018, Forbes identified AI-driven sales engagement software as a “highly qualified sales assistant” – and that was before Covid-19 shut down the world and drove the market to digital. The past four years have given developers the chance to enhance and maximize the technology for optimal benefits to any sales team.


Gartner expects that by 2025…

  • 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. 
  • 60% of B2B sales organizations will transition from experience and intuition based selling to data-driven selling, merging their sales process, applications, data and analytics into a single operational service.
    Source: The Future of Sales 2025: Gartner Trend Insight Report 


At the time of writing this blog (March 2022), adopting a good sales engagement software is a high priority for leaders in the industry. 

According to Gartner, 90% of sales leaders are planning to adopt sales engagement technology to help automate their workflow, optimize their sales insights, improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and help their sellers free up time for the tasks you need a human to handle.


Why is sales engagement such a high priority for industry leaders this year?

In 2021, HubSpot published some stats on the toughest parts of a salesperson’s job, according to the salespeople themselves. They broke it down like this: 

  • 40% said prospecting was the most challenging part of the sales process
  • 36% said it was closing sales 
  • 22% said it was qualifying leads 

Now imagine if you let your super-intelligent AI analyze your data and market trends to prospect before using predictive forecasting to flag your hottest leads for your sales team to focus their attention on?

Well-developed AI achieves these goals while also implementing conversation intelligence, lead scoring, email tracking, outbound call tracking, and contact management. 

Startup companies and sales enterprises are stepping up their sales engagement game with software because customers have demanded hyper-personalization in marketing

As you can imagine, that means a lot of extra work for salespeople if they don’t have help to manage the sudden rush of online buyers in the post-Covid digital marketing age. 

Sales engagement platforms like Hyperio’s can integrate with HubSpot, personalize your messaging, automate your outreach through multi-channel sequencing, AND manage your email personalization for email campaigns. 

{There are more things, but honestly I can’t fit every perk into this blog, so you should visit our website for all of our juicy product details!}


Let our AI do your prospecting work for you is an ambitious company with simple values – we good work to build remarkable value to our partners. And we succeed, through strong collaboration. 

You know your products, your services, and your market. We know sales engagement.

We want to build a long-term partnership where you enjoy the results and the relationship. Start your risk-free 30 day FREE trial today and multiply your impact with the industry’s smartest sales engagement platform. 

Book your appointment in our calendar today and we’ll send you a personalised demo to get you started! 

Don’t wait to start growing today!


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