Lead Gen
with Intelligence

Hyperio.ai provides lead generation services for B2B.

We combine best practices with technology to drive qualified leads to your Sales team.

Lead Generation for
Technology Companies

Grow your business with Hyperio's sales development best practices, proprietary technology, and expert team

Building an internal Business Development team can be expensive, time-consuming and requires on-going oversight. The hiring, training and development of the team requires expertise. Knowing the ever-evolving best practices in Lead Gen for your space requires significant investment.

Hyperio.ai provides a Sales-as-a Service model that leaves the prospecting and business development to us. By delivering qualified leads to your Sales Executives, they can focus on closing.

Hyperio uses lead generation methodologies that enable us to identify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). Our team of trained Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) cultivates those and converts them to truly Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for our clients.

Market Analysis

Ideal Customer Analysis

List Building

Outbound Campaigns

Detailed Metrics

List Building Services

Developing Contacts that Convert
Fuel your outreach with high quality contacts

We combine external data sources, our internal proprietary technology, and our knowledgeable research team to identify the right target audience for outreach. We work with you to understand the market, triangulate your ideal customer profile, and create personalized campaigns for specific buyer personas. More research up-front allows us to spend more time with the best prospects.

Business Development

Comprehensive outreach campaigns that match your buyers to your products and services.

Our multi-step process starts with your strategy and desired objectives. Whether you are looking to penetrate a new market, expand your share of the market, or target white space growth, we will build an outbound campaign that best fits your needs.

We start by understanding the addressable market and define an approach to best target the right buyer personas.

Our team members are purposefuly trained in your products and services but also in understanding what your competition is doing and how to best position you for conversion.

Our campaigns focus on email, phone, and social channels. Hyperio uses proprietary workflow and we are developing our own AI-based technology to optimize our outreach.

We achieve results through best practices, great people, and technology enablement.

Data Driven Campaigns

Everything we do is recorded and analyzed. All written and spoken content goes through content analysis for insights and quality assurance. All activities are measured so that we can constantly learn and adjust our strategy. Our insights are fed back to your team.

Key Metrics

  • Call-related (e.g., volume, scheduling, talk times, etc.)
  • Content-related (e.g., sentiment, key word density)
  • Customer journey insights

What You Get

  • Contact Database Development
  • The Hyperio proprietary outreach cadence
  • Phone, email, and social outreach based on best practices
  • Detailed KPI reporting on all campaign elements
  • Cost-per-lead (CPL) competitive pricing

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